Nick White has done all of my pieces (back piece, leg sleeve, and both sides) he is AMAZING. Nick is very professional and also makes your experience getting tattooed enjoyable. The shop is also very clean and everyone who works there is cool.
If your gunna get a tattoo in HB this is the place. Great people, very friendly, very clean, honest, with a welcoming atmosphere. Got a tattoo by Frank Ball. He took an idea that a lot of other places turned down and made it into a great tattoo. I highly recommend Frank and the establishment.
So I came in here to get a lil baby dagger tattoo behind my ear by Larry and I also got my cartilage pierced from this cool lady that works there. The environment is really professional but laidback and everyone in that shop is serious about their work. It's cool to be in a place where people are passionate about making their art and making it their lifestyle. Anyways Larry gave me a dope freakin dagger behind my ear and drew it up on the spot and then proceeded to tattoo me. His Artwork is amazing and he's truly is an amazing tattoo artist! His sketch book is !!!I also have another piece from Larry that I got on my leg this year. So ill definitely be back for more from him. Original artwork is just dope. This shop lives up to its name. True artists! Which is important Bc it's forever on you. Definitely recommend coming here if your looking for traditional and custom work. Everyone has their own style. Also for piercings tooo! Professional, clean, and cool vibes. Worth it.
New shop at an old location, true at heart tattoo huntington beach. I saw frank ball at the shop, great artist and a great person too.
stopped by yesterday to check the new shop out, looks amazing! everyone who works there is super layed back. new paint makes the place look way bigger.. amazing art displayed etc!! can't wait to get tattooed here !! right next to home
Amazing shop in beautiful Huntington Beach. Great artists. Good vibes. The shop is renovated and clean. I got tattooed by Frank Ball, OG Tattooer who's been around the industry for over 25 years. He did an amazing job on my back and I plan to do more work with him. Can't say enough about this shop. I'll be back for sure and I highly recommend it to everyone. Ask for Frank Ball.
This shop is absolutely amazing !! Everyone at the shop was super cool. Place looks amazing! I Went in to see Frank (Frank Ball) He is so amazing ! Offers amazing pricing, supper funny and totally fun to be around! His art is literally amazing everyone should go check this shop out ! And hit up frank! Every artist is super talented here excited to see how it turns out super close to home too!
This is a shop with some amazing artists! I got my entire sleeve done by Frank Ball and his line work is precise. I love Frank's work and am very pleased with my arm! I definitely recommend this shop and their artists!
Frank is an amazing artist! He is always patient with me whenever I get work done from him! All of the artists there were super friendly to me! Definitely recommend!